Thursday, October 8, 2009

Maddie's First Hair Cut

Maddie's hair has been growing so fast and her bangs were getting into her eyes, so we decided it was time for her first hair cut. We were all excited, we waited until a day when both Tony and I were home. We borrowed some scissors and got the video camera out..... All that hype and her first hair cut lasted about half of one second. We got one good snip across the front before she decided that she HATES the scissors and will not tolerate any more cutting. Of course we saved the locks in an envelope for her baby book. The bad news is that her bangs are super crooked and she won't let us fix them. Oh well, at least they aren't in her eyes any more.

See...She loves her new hair cut!


Robyn Richie said...

FINALLY! A blog update! I check everyday.

Even with crooked bangs she is a doll. Can't wait to see you guys soon!!!


Kelly said...

Just tell people she cut them herself. It will be cute that way!

Grandpa said...

Hi Maddie,

Love the new do. Tell everyone it is not crooked, just asymmetrical. Very stylish. This is the first of many hair styles you will have. Girls love to fix their hair. Long, short, curls, straight and my favorite the pony tail. Can't wait to see all of your do's over the years. Some day you will have your own stylist who does your hair and you can't live without. Meanwhile your parents did a great job and you look fabulous and happy. I still have your last voice message saved on my work phone. You are getting to be quite the talker. I am planning on seeing you Tuesday for dinner before your dad and I play poker. I hope he wins lots again. Your mom and dad will tell you about how to play holdem, they are both good players.

Love you,
Grandpa Randy

Candice said...

I love the bang trim!! That's so funny the picture of her grinning after it happened. You know kids don't like to sit still for very long.

Glad Mom had a good birthday in Hawaii. The Scorpio gals know how to plan good birthdays (always traveling)!

Good luck eating all the turkey leftovers. Looks like it was a good feast.