Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

I hope everyone is having a good 3-day weekend. Our thoughts go out to anyone who had a family member (or still does) who served in the Armed Forces. Daddy has been thinking about his Grandpa's this weekend he says.

Our week has been pretty good. I mellowed out in the middle of the week and have had a few really good days in a row. I have been in a really good mood and have been sleeping very well. Mommy and Daddy are so happy about it! I think the medicine is making me feel better!

We have had a really nice weekend so far. Our good friends Melissa and Michael came up with their two children, Emma and Jacob, to hang out, have dinner and play. I can't wait until I am old enough to run around with them! The 'rents (that's short for parents in case you didn't know) started talking about taking a family Hawaii trip together in a couple of years....I voted yes for that.

Emma holding me...

Melissa, me, Emma, Michael and Mommy

Tonight we were surprised by Grammy's cousin Kelly. He, his wife and their daughter - get this, Madi (same pronunciation, spelled differently) - were driving through town and asked if we wanted to get together for dinner. So we jumped in the car and had a really nice dinner with them out at Edgefield. It was nice to meet them and I was on my best behavior. Daddy did lots of magic tricks for Madi, but she still wouldn't sit on his lap. That's fine with me, after all he is my daddy!!!

Madi and Maddie...

M&D are packing up tonight as we are taking off for Seattle tomorrow. Daddy is working all week up there and Mommy and I are going with him. We are going to see some of Mommy's family tomorrow afternoon. Then on Tuesday while Daddy is working Mommy and I are going to hang out before we all go to a baseball game at night. The Mariners are playing the Red Sox and we are going to go catch the action. This will be my first baseball game and Daddy says it will get me ready for my first Cubs game this summer when we go to Chicago. M&D are hoping this trip goes better than the one in Corvallis a couple of weeks ago when I didn't like being in the hotel.

No news on the medical front. We are just waiting to hear on the results of my skin biopsy, but we don't really expect to hear anything for another month or so. I have been eating very well, though, and have started to have more alert periods where I am not fussing too much. I just wish the weather would get better so I could spend more time outside.

Sometimes I like to sleep holding this case Daddy's hand...poor Daddy, he spent 15 minutes on his knees making sure I was asleep!

And sometimes I like to sleep in the weirdest positions!

I hope everyone has a good rest of their weekend! Love you all!


Monday, May 19, 2008

My First Ever Beach Trip

This weekend was a weekend of firsts for me (and some for Mommy and Daddy too). On Friday, Mommy and Daddy took me down to Corvallis to spend the night with Grammy Pat. This was the first night that Mommy and I have been separated since I have been born. She and Daddy had a trip planned to Spirit Mountain as a result of purchasing the night through an auction to support ALS of Oregon last year (Mommy's Aunt Theresa passed away from ALS just after I was born). So on the way to Spirit Mountain they dropped me off with Grammy and she and I had a great time playing together and hanging out even though it was SO hot! Mommy and Daddy had fun in between calls to Grammy and wound up walking out of the casino with more money then they took in!
On Saturday Grammy took me to Spirit Mountain to meet up with the folks and then we headed over to the coast. We stopped in Lincoln City where we went to the Outlet stores. Mommy took advantage of Van Heusen and Old Navy while Daddy went wild inside Nike. I slept through the whole thing and I think that gives Daddy false hope that I won't be into shopping when I grow up.
This is what I really think of shopping!

After Lincoln City we went up the coast to Pacific City to play in the sun. It was really nice on the coast, but it was super busy! Obviously nice days on the coast are usually busy, but it was crazy busy on Saturday due to Pacific City being the finish line for a big bike race that started at Mt. Hood. We managed to find a flat spot of sand and spent a couple hours enjoying the sun and surf. Daddy dipped my toes in the ocean and it was COLD!!! I didn't like that too much!

On the beach in Pacific City

Once we were done in Lincoln City we wound our way up the coast to Rockaway where my Great Uncle Ken has a house. We ate dinner at a really bad restaurant (Blue Water or something) with horrible service and half their menu not available. They gave us the wrong orders too. If we weren't so hungry we would have got up and left. After we left there we went to the house and relaxed. M&D did a crossword puzzle while I slept and/or fussed. Everyone eventually got ready for bed and I managed to sleep pretty well through the night, but Daddy and I slept in another room so Mommy could get as much sleep as possible.
Relaxing at the house in Rockaway...

On Sunday morning we got up for a very nice walk up and down the beach. The sun wasn't out yet so it was a bit chilly. Thankfully the wind hadn't picked up yet and it was a pretty nice walk. We got back to the house to pack up and go out for breakfast. We wanted to eat at this place called "Morning Glory" but they basically turned us away when we got there. It was 11:15, but they said that they were only going to fulfill the orders they had currently taken and then switch to lunch, even though they said they serve breakfast until noon. So we left and found some hole in the wall smokehouse and we bought some seafood chowder, smoked salmon and smoked sausage. We went back to the house and had our lunch before we left. So much for the restaurants in Rockaway!!! I think Daddy might have left a poopy diaper behind at both places!

After we left Rockaway we went north to Cannon Beach where we walked around, bought some saltwater taffy and fed me lunch. We spent a couple hours there relaxing and strolling around before we headed home for a birthday gathering of a bunch of Grammy's and Mommy's friends. They call themselves "The Girls" and they have been friends for a long time. They were excited to meet me as they have watched Mommy grow up through the years. A few of them have birthdays around each other so we all got together for some dinner to celebrate. I was kind of fussy and warm, but it was fun.

Us at Cannon Beach

Then last night I decided to let everyone know how overstimulated I was. I freaked out and had a huge crying tantrum that lasted a good hour. M&D were beside themselves and were on the verge of tears themselves! I was given a prescription for some Prilosec on Friday to help alleviate some of my gas, but I think it might not be working. I have been passing a lot of gas - I know it isn't very lady like. I am not sure if this caused the fussiness or if I was just plain worn out from such a long, busy weekend but I sure gave M&D a few gray hairs last night! Thankfully I managed to sleep between feedings once I fell asleep.

Put up your dukes! I am tired of all this activity!

Whew! What a long weekend! I am looking forward to relaxing a bit this week. Next week we are heading up to Seattle for Daddy's work and then to Corvallis the week after for more of his work. Then we are all going to Chicago for Sarah's wedding and Mommy is going to be a bridesmaid. After that Mommy is going to Sunriver for a few days with friends while Daddy goes back to Seattle! YIKES! We have a BUSY month ahead of us, so I think I could use some relaxation commencement!!

Fussing? Who? Me?

Love you all!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Latest Stats

No pictures on this post....just a QUICK update after my 2-month check-up from today.

We went into the doctor this morning for my 2-month check-up and I got measured. Here are my stats:

Weight - 11 lbs. 11 oz. - This puts me in the 75th percentile!!!

Length - 24 in. - This puts me in the 90th percentile!!!

Head Circumference - 15.75 in. - This puts me in the 75th percentile!!!

The doctor was pleased by all of these numbers as I am growing very well and she said that I am very strong and well toned. Daddy thinks I might have a career in basketball now and remarked that tall women can hit the golf ball further.

Unfortunately I also had to get several shots for all the different vaccines I need. I cried a little, but overall I was a pretty strong baby and didn't fuss too much.

We also got a prescription for some Prilosec to help my stomach feel better and hopefully alleviate some of my fussiness after eating.

We are off to the coast for the weekend. I am spending the night at Grammy Pat's tonight while Mommy and Daddy are going to Spirit Mountain for the night. Tomorrow the Foxes head to the coast for the weekend. The weather should be perfect and I can't wait to go on my first beach adventure.

Have a great weekend everyone!



Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day Weekend Fun!

I hope everyone out there had as nice of a Mother's Day weekend as we did around here! Saturday was really fun since Grandma Jan, Grandpa Ray, Aunt Shannon, cousin Morgan, Aunt Dian, "Uncle" Chuck and Grammy Pat all drove from far away to come see me and Mommy on Saturday (and Daddy too...though he manned the BBQ and camera most of the day).

We had a great time visiting together and it was the first time I got to meet Grandpa Ray and my cousin Morgan. It had also been a very long time since I had seen Grandma Jan or Aunt Shannon (since I was very first born!). We had a fun time eating Daddy's BBQ (mmmm....thanks Daddy!) and visiting. The weather held out for us and we had a great day!

On Sunday we got to spend the day together as a family with just me, Mommy and Daddy. Mommy went to Jazzercise, so Daddy and I got to spend the morning together. After that we had lunch and ran some errands. Then we came home and had a nice family nap before Grammy Pat swung by on her way home and had dinner with us. Daddy was in charge of cooking--spaghetti and meatballs. Yum!

This week will be fun as Daddy has to go out of town for work and Mommy and I are going with him! He is going to be working in Corvallis, which happens to be where Grammy Pat lives. So while Daddy is at work Mommy and I are going to visit with Grammy and her work friends and do some looking around. I hear there is lots of orange and black in Corvallis so I hope Mommy packs me some green and yellow to wear down there!

Here are some pics from this weekend:

Grandma Jan, me and Aunt Shannon...after all this time!

I think Grandma Jan had fun with me....and the feeling is mutual.

I spent a lot of time bundled up and being favorite!

My cousin Morgan got to meet me too. There is a rumor she has a boyfriend....

Five proud mommies and me!

Two VERY proud Grandma's and me!!


Three generations....

....and Three Generations again!

I love my Mommy!

Hello again!

After a long weekend it was nice to relax in the bath with Mommy on Sunday! This was my very first big girl bath in the real tub! I really liked it and had fun playing in the water!
Have a good week everyone!
(and her parents!)

Miscellaneous Pics

Here are some miscellaneous pics of me over the last couple of weeks!

I like to sleep in the weirdest positions....

Sometimes Mommy or Daddy have to resort to leaving me half-way in my Baby Bjorn to keep me from waking up....

Hi, I'm Madelyn and I am taking a bath...

Mmmm...milk, it does a body good!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

House of Babies

On Saturday we had a reunion with the other families from our childbirth class. I was the oldest baby by almost a month, and I was also the only girl! It was fun to see the other babies, and all the Mommies and Daddies got to compare birth stories. I am almost 8 weeks old and weigh 10 pounds 9 ounces. This is the same as one of the other baby's BIRTH weight. Oh, I feel sorry for his Mommy!

Today, however, was not such a fun day. Today Mommy and Grammy took me to visit the Metabolicist and the Geneticist. Those are fancy names for special doctors. My metabolic tests keep coming back inconclusive, so in order to help find out for sure whether I am affected by the VLCAD I had a skin biopsy taken today. The doctor took a punch of skin from my left tricep area. It made me cry! It will take between 4-8 weeks and two separated labs to grow the skin cells and test them for my enzyme levels. I sure hope it doesn't leave a bad scar.

Here are the potential outcomes: #1: my enzyme levels are normal and I can go on a regular diet (this is what we are hoping for!) I will always be a carrier of the VLCAD but this would mean that it is not affecting my metabolism.

#2: my enzyme levels are low which means that I have symptoms of the VLCAD. This would be bad news and I would have to meet with a genetics counselor and a metabolic nutritionist to figure out my treatment plan.

In the meantime until we get the results I am still on frequent feedings, and we got a note from the doctor outlining what needs to be done in case I get any illnesses. So, while we are waiting for the results, we accept all prayers and good thoughts!

Friday, May 2, 2008

High Maintenance?

Who me?

My parents think that I am kind of difficult sometimes. What--ev--er! Just because out of the 20 pacifiers they own I only like one of them and they happen to be the Disney kind doesn't make me high maintenance! A girl has to have style! And it isn't my fault that we used to have two and now only one since Mommy and Daddy lost the other one. They spent 30 minutes tearing the house apart last night looking for the other one so they could have at least two at all times. Apparently they don't like my crying in the middle of the night when I don't get fed as fast as I want. Looks like the Foxes are making a Babies R Us run tomorrow to get more binkies!

Whew! What a busy week! My social calendar has been quite full! On Tuesday night we went over to Becca, Dan and Jack's house for dinner and some quality "Me" time. I had never met Dan before and he was pretty smitten with me (big surprise, I know!). We had a great time hanging out with them and catching up. They are very good friends of ours!

Mommy went to Jazzercise for the first time in 3 months on Wednesday. This meant that Daddy and I got some quality time together, which pretty much consisted of me sleeping in his arms and him staring at me endlessly. He kind of likes to do that. He taught me Peek-a-boo this week and I really liked that as well. It made me smile a lot and maybe even let loose with a tiny giggle...but that could have just been gas too.

On Thursday we went for a nice long walk around the school track near our house and took advantage of the nice evening. Daddy put me in the Baby Bjorn and carried me around while he walked with Mommy. I really like taking walks! After we were done with our walk our neighbors from across the street (John, Lisa and Gracie) surprised us with a visit and came over to catch up. We really like them a lot and Gracie held me for a while. I tried my best to cry in Lisa's arms, but she is a pro at this and I just fell asleep. They might need to change their phone number because I think I heard Mommy and Daddy saying something about putting Lisa on speed dial for those early morning feedings where I don't go right back to sleep.

Today was a nice day as Becca and Jack came over and hung out with Mommy and me all day. We went to the mall, had lunch, did some shopping, played Lego's (okay, Jack played Lego's) and so on. I like it when they come over. After they left we took a quick walk before Mommy went to the gym. Daddy and I got some quality time; this time I added some dinner and a diaper to the nap.

We are looking forward to a fun and busy weekend. We are getting together with our birthing class group tomorrow at one of the other couples' house. There will be 3 other couples who all had their first child in the last month. I will be the oldest baby there, but apparently not the biggest. One of the babies was reportedly bigger than I am now at birth. Yikes! I will be the only girl there, though, so Daddy gets lots of practice at embarrassing me in front of boys!

I do this a lot!
Sleeping Beauty!

Jack and I at his house...

Gracie from across the street...