Wednesday, August 27, 2008

TV debut

Maddie's TV debut was last night on the 11:00 news on KATU Channel 2. We were at a "Women's House Party for Obama" hosted by our cousins Catherine and Claire on the anniversary of Women's Suffrage. Also check us out at
It's never too early to get involved in community organizing, and it's never too early to be a TV star. :)
On a serious note though, no matter what your political affiliation, this is a pivotal time for America and now that we have Maddie we are very interested in leaving the best legacy possible for her future!

Yes, her shirt says "Tiny Democrat". Thanks Grandpa Randy!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

More Family Visits

Here are some highlights from Uncle J and Cousin Nick's visit!! Thanks for visiting, we had a great time!

Dinner at The Spaghetti Factory

Rafting on the White Salmon River

This is us coming through the other side of the class 4 waterfall!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fun at the pool!!!

We had a really fun afternoon today! We thought today would be a good day to go swimming since it wasn't too hot and it was a little cloudy. There is a really nice family swimming pool near our home and M&D took me there for my first extensive time in a swimming pool. I was a very good girl and spent over 30 minutes in the pool with M&D. We borrowed a really neat inflatable seat "thingy" from our friend Becca and I really liked that. I also liked swimming around with Mommy and Daddy (especially on his tummy).
I think Mommy and I might go back this Wednesday if the weather stays nice.
Me and Daddy enjoying the water...

This is me in my bathrobe after getting out of the pool... and Mommy nice and dry!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

My First Solid Food

Last night was a momentous occassion!! I ate my very first big girl food! M&D made me some rice cereal and I actually liked it. I did very well....didn't really spit it out at all and most of it made it into my mouth and then to my tummy! I only had a teaspoon at first, so tonight we will try some more.
Here are some pics from my first food adventure and a little video as well:
Here is Daddy feeding me with a big girl spoon!

Mommy's turn!!!

My turn!!!

Visit from Aunt Dian and cousin Katie

I wanted to first share some pictures from a visit last weekend by Aunt Dian and my cousin Katie. It was very nice for them to stop by.
Here I am with Katie...

Katie, me and Aunt Dian

I really like long hair so I can pull it!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The story of how two became three

Check out how much our lives have changed in two short years!

Happy Anniversary Mommy and Daddy!! Love, Maddie

August 19, 2006

Grace Lutheran Church

August 2008

August 19, 2006

U of O Museum of Art

August 2008

Here we are out for dinner for M&D's anniversary. Look at my new pretty dress from Great Aunt Kris!! It was a nice dinner, but it was cold and raining outside and looked more like November rather than August.

When Mommy and Daddy exchanged cards, it was too funny that they picked out the exact same card for each other. Wow, only married for two years and they think alike already! Their gifts were very similar too---Mommy got a gift card for a day spa, and Daddy got a gift card for a men's hair and massage salon.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Week in Review

Whew! What a week! Where to begin? I guess we can recap from last weekend with a bit of overlap and then tell you all the exciting things we did this weekend.

As you know, M&D and I went to Eugene last weekend for my baptism and to celebrate Daddy's birthday. We had a great time in Eugene and I got to meet lots of family I had never met before and saw Grandma Jan, Aunt Shannon and Grandma Linda for the first time in a long time. We had a lot of fun!

This is me trying to eat Pastor Phil's fingers....

Mommy and I on campus at the U of O!!! Go Ducks!!!

Here I am with Devon (L) and Taylor (R)...Daddy's other "nieces"

On Monday night Grandpa Randy came over and we went to dinner. We had a nice dinner at Claim Jumper and then went and played mini-golf. My first ever golf, but not my last for sure! Daddy packed me around the entire time in the front pack and he said I was his "handicap". Nevertheless, Daddy prevailed over Mommy and Grandpa despite my kicking him, spitting the pacifier out, and making him hold me over the last 3 holes and forcing him to putt one-handed. M& D messed up and forgot to take the camera, but luckily Grandpa took some pictures with his phone.

Here is me trying to take a bite of Daddy's golf club!

On Tuesday Daddy's co-worker RaeLynn came over for dinner. She was in town for work so we decided to have a little BBQ with the 4 of us. We had a lot of fun and RaeLynn got to feed me twice (as you can see). It is rare for Daddy to see many of his co-workers as they are all a long ways away! RaeLynn was visiting us from some far away land called Minnesota!

Thanks for visiting RaeLynn! Gale is going to be SO jealous!

On Wednesday Mommy surprised Daddy with some news about me! I have sprung my first tooth! If you look real close in the picture below you can see it starting to come out from under my gums up top. Mommy says it is rare for a tooth up top to come in first, so we wonder if more will be coming along soon. I haven't acted like it hurts.....yet.

Do you see it??? We swear it's there!!!

On Thursday Mommy and I had a really busy and fun day. We drove downtown in the morning and parked near the river. We wanted to take a nice walk downtown to Pioneer Square where they have "Noon Tunes". They play live music downtown for an hour or so during weekdays in the summer and we thought we'd check it out. Mommy called Daddy at work and he was able to come downtown and have some lunch with us since he doesn't work too far away. It was a nice spur of the moment lunch and the music was good. Daddy could only stay for a little while, but it was nice seeing him. Afterwards Mommy and I did some shopping downtown before walking back to the car and driving home.

Then Thursday night we went to another concert! This one was nearer our home and we went because Mommy has been meeting other mommy's online to get together for activities. We met up with Heather and her daughter Fiona (who is 2) and Fiona's dad...I forget his name. The band was made up of older gentlemen and lady who went by the name "Nurse Ellen". They played oldies but goodies. It was a free concert and they gave away raffle tickets when we got there. One of the tickets we had was called and Daddy got to go pick a prize. I wound up with some crayons made especially for the bath tub and I get to play with them when I get older.

On Friday we went to my friend Aoife's home to an annual party her parents have. They do a party every year when the day, month and year match up. This year it was an 8/8/08 party. There were TONS of families and little kids there and we had a really good time. Mommy met Kelly, Aoife's mommy, on an online group along with some other moms and we got to visit with them. It was a lot of fun to hang out with all of the other babies and little kids. I am sure M&D had fun talking to all of the other parents and sharing their stories, trials and tribulations with each other!

That brings us to Saturday. M&D invited some friends over for a BBQ in the afternoon. It rained overnight and M&D were scared about the weather. The rain held off, however, and the day wound up being pretty nice. It was a nice mix of families and other friends and M&D were very happy with how it all turned out. They were kind of sad when everyone left as they could have hung out all night. But, we got some quality family time and we broke in our new firepit! Daddy made a fire in it and we sat outside until the mosquitoes came out.

Nothing like the great outdoors...even if it is your own backyard!

The highlight (or lowlight depending on your perspective) had to be Daddy taking on a dare that he couldn't fit through my playhouse and go down the slide. Could he do it? See for yourself:

Um, yeah....on that note....have a great week!

Monday, August 4, 2008

4 month pics

Hi Everyone,

Here are my four month pictures. We got them taken at Kiddie Kandids at Babies R Us. They are copyrighted, but they said we could share the thumbnails on our blog. I was such a good girl and cooperated with the photographer. We got some great shots!
The pose of me on the chair was the main reason for getting 4 month pictures. Mommy, Uncle J, Grammy and O Pa all have a similar shot when they were four months. Grammy is going to make a collage of all the shots together.

If you want to order pictures, here is the link:

Friday, August 1, 2008

'Nuff about Daddy

You all come here to see little ol' me, right?

Here are some fun pics and maybe a couple of new videos!

Here I am helping with the laundry!!!

Ahhhh....I love my showers!!!

Look at me sitting up!

Here are a couple of videos. In one, it appears I might be taking Spanish lessons. I have learned to roll my R's and it is my latest favorite thing to do. The other video caught me in the middle of a giggling fit.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and the video!!

We are off to Eugene in the morning. We are getting together with Grandma Jan and Grandpa Ray on Saturday for dinner to celebrate Daddy's birthday. Then on Sunday I am being baptized at the same church M&D got married in. Afterward we are all headed out to Grandma Jan's for a BBQ. Should be lots of fun and we will post pics (and maybe some video) soon!



Daddy's Birfday!

We will have pics to share, but we want to show off the fruits of one of daddy's birfday gifts.....

....Mommy, Grammy, Uncle J and Grandpa Randy all chipped in to buy Daddy a new Flip video camera! If you have never seen one before they are really cool. They are small (about the size of a deck of cards, but slightly narrower) and hold up to 60 minutes of digital movies. Then you just plug it in to your computer and voila!

We hope to share many videos starring me (and Mommy and Daddy) in the future! Mommy and Grammy apologize for the singing. :)

Happy birfday Dada!!

Love your baby girl...