Wednesday, December 9, 2009

New York

Maddie and I flew to New York City the day after Thanksgiving to visit Justin ("Uncle Gay") & Sam and meet Sam's family. We stayed at their place in the city with Grammy who was already there for the week. It was a great visit. While we did not really visit any of the main touristy sites, we had a great time and got out and about every day to see something new. Maddie's favorite part of the trip was going on a choo-choo Subway train. She rode on my back in the backpack and loved it! Also Justin and Sam's apartment complex (really it is a town unto itself) has a playground that she loved. We really enjoyed meeting Theresa ("Tess") and Bob (Sam's parents) and her brother Ian. They had us to their house in New Jersey for a wonderfully yummy dinner and a relaxing visit. Maddie is a fabulous traveller and she adjusted to the time change both ways without any trouble. She also did very well on the airplane (we got to sit in first class on the way over!) despite delays and mean passengers.

At the Cloisters Park ( a potential wedding site for J&S)
At Stuyvensant Town playground

Bob & Theresa's house

Walking the High Line promenade in West Manhattan. Only a small sheet of plexiglass between Maddie and the city streets!

Thank you so much to J & S for your hospitality and for a great visit!!!


Carlos Castaño Jaramillo said...

´¡Qué horribles y grotescas imagenes...!
Ya basta de superpoblar este mundo que está para reventarse. ¿Es que acaso son sordos, mudos o ciegos para no darse cuenta de que ustedes le han dejado a sus hijos un mundo peor del que encontraron? y que lo siguen sobrepoblando y depredando mientras lo desmoronamos?

Ramykumar said...

God bless you...peace

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