Friday, May 1, 2009


Last weekend Tony played in a golf tournament with his Dad in Roseburg. He took Thursday and Friday off work so he could play practice rounds, so we got a nice long weekend. We stayed with Grandma Linda and Grandpa Ike (thanks for giving up your room!) It was Maddie's first time to the Country Club, so we took her out and introduced her around. She even took her own clubs so she could play!

Tony played in a "scramble" tournament on a team with Grandpa Ike and Uncle Mike. They ended up placing 4th which is excellent!! The weather was dry, sunny sometimes and cool other times. We had a great weekend visiting with Grandma Linda, Grandpa Ike, Auntie Shannon, Mike & Linda, and of course...Divot and Max (dogs!!) Maddie chased the dogs all around the house and yard, and climbed up and down Divot's doggy stairs that lead up to the couch. Now she wants to get up on the couch all the time, but she doesn't understand that if she stands up or rolls over that she will fall off.

Checking out the course
Golf is tiring!!

How do you hold this club anyway?

Grandpa Ike and Uncle Mike

Tony and Maddie driving the cart.

This is at Stuart Park. We had fun playing for a little while. Then a family showed up with two kids..the dad was knocking back beers and the mom was smoking on the swing set....all at 10:30 in the morning. We left.

Doesn't Maddie look tiny next to the train??? It is at the park, and it is accessible to climb in and touch all the parts. Pretty cool.

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Kelly T said...

Mmmm nothing like a cigarette and beer to go with the swing sets. I can't believe you didn't just join them! I mean, it was after 10 am, right?