Wednesday, January 28, 2009

sick days


I just wanted to apologize for not posting any cute pictures of myself recently. I have been under the weather. I have a runny nose, a cough, and the sneezes. M&D keep following after me with a cloth trying to wipe my face and it makes me mad! We have had to cancel all my play dates this week so I have been stuck inside all day long. Hopefully I will be feeling better by tomorrow because we are supposed to go to a sign language workshop.

Hey, speaking of language, I learned how to say "dog" both by speaking and by signing! Go figure since we don't even have a dog. I also know the word "wave" and I will wave my hands when somebody says it, even if they don't cue me first!!

We have some big news to share with our friends and family.....No, I'm not getting a new sibling......Daddy got a new job!!!!! This is very exciting news! Daddy is the new branch manager for the largest Wells Fargo branch in Oregon!! He will have lots of responsibility and people to oversee. Mommy and I are so proud of him, and we are glad that he won't be traveling anymore. Maybe we can even have lunch with him some days! Unfortunately he will have to work some Saturdays though. This is a big change for our family and we are very excited about what the future holds for us.

We are also excited for Justin and Sam, who announced their engagement last week! We can't wait to meet Sam when she and Justin come to Portland in February. Congratulations!!

Well, M&D promise to take more pictures of me once I am feeling better and my face is not so red and drippy. Hope everyone is doing well!



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