Friday, May 2, 2008

High Maintenance?

Who me?

My parents think that I am kind of difficult sometimes. What--ev--er! Just because out of the 20 pacifiers they own I only like one of them and they happen to be the Disney kind doesn't make me high maintenance! A girl has to have style! And it isn't my fault that we used to have two and now only one since Mommy and Daddy lost the other one. They spent 30 minutes tearing the house apart last night looking for the other one so they could have at least two at all times. Apparently they don't like my crying in the middle of the night when I don't get fed as fast as I want. Looks like the Foxes are making a Babies R Us run tomorrow to get more binkies!

Whew! What a busy week! My social calendar has been quite full! On Tuesday night we went over to Becca, Dan and Jack's house for dinner and some quality "Me" time. I had never met Dan before and he was pretty smitten with me (big surprise, I know!). We had a great time hanging out with them and catching up. They are very good friends of ours!

Mommy went to Jazzercise for the first time in 3 months on Wednesday. This meant that Daddy and I got some quality time together, which pretty much consisted of me sleeping in his arms and him staring at me endlessly. He kind of likes to do that. He taught me Peek-a-boo this week and I really liked that as well. It made me smile a lot and maybe even let loose with a tiny giggle...but that could have just been gas too.

On Thursday we went for a nice long walk around the school track near our house and took advantage of the nice evening. Daddy put me in the Baby Bjorn and carried me around while he walked with Mommy. I really like taking walks! After we were done with our walk our neighbors from across the street (John, Lisa and Gracie) surprised us with a visit and came over to catch up. We really like them a lot and Gracie held me for a while. I tried my best to cry in Lisa's arms, but she is a pro at this and I just fell asleep. They might need to change their phone number because I think I heard Mommy and Daddy saying something about putting Lisa on speed dial for those early morning feedings where I don't go right back to sleep.

Today was a nice day as Becca and Jack came over and hung out with Mommy and me all day. We went to the mall, had lunch, did some shopping, played Lego's (okay, Jack played Lego's) and so on. I like it when they come over. After they left we took a quick walk before Mommy went to the gym. Daddy and I got some quality time; this time I added some dinner and a diaper to the nap.

We are looking forward to a fun and busy weekend. We are getting together with our birthing class group tomorrow at one of the other couples' house. There will be 3 other couples who all had their first child in the last month. I will be the oldest baby there, but apparently not the biggest. One of the babies was reportedly bigger than I am now at birth. Yikes! I will be the only girl there, though, so Daddy gets lots of practice at embarrassing me in front of boys!

I do this a lot!
Sleeping Beauty!

Jack and I at his house...

Gracie from across the street...

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Auntie Shannon said...

Maddie, you are changing so much every day....I can not wait to see you this weekend....I am soooo excited!! I am sure I'll have to fight those grandmas to make sure I get my turn to hold you...See you soon...

Love, Auntie Shannon