Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Palm Springs pics

Poster Child for Palm Springs!!!!

Our time with Great Grandma Connie and Great Aunt Kris!!

They surprised us at the Ontario airport!

This was my first time getting to meet Gram!

They spoiled me and Mommy with presents! We had so much fun and were sad

when they had to leave.

This was an awesome scrap book/baby book that Aunt Kris made for us. It made Mommy cry!

Our Hike Through the Indian Canyons

Palm Canyon Oasis

My view from the backpack. Boy, hiking is hard work!

Daddy is confused at where to go! (Not really, he was just posing to make fun of M&D last trip to the Indian Canyons where they got off trail and hiked/climed through the cactii! Ouch!

Even Grammy got to hike. It was so beautiful!

Look at the Palm Trees! Thank goodness for the shade--it was nearly 90 degrees.

Mommy's birthday Dinner at Patrice's Restaurant. How appropriate!

Tennis Anyone?
Daddy has a swing like McEnroe...and a temper too!Grammy showing off her trophy-winning forehand!Mommy's killer backhand!

My first pull up ever was onto that bench!

It was tough competition between M&D. I was glad to be on the sidelines!

Election Night!!

The t-shirt says it all!
We also have pictures of our 20 mile bike ride adventure. They are on Grammy's camera, so as soon as we get them we will post some.

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janray1935 said...

Oh, Maddie darling, I can't get enough of looking at all the pictures your mommy and daddy take of all of you and your adventures. You are just the cutes, most adorable baby!!

Aunt Shannon and I had a great time taking care of you yesterday while mommy & daddy went to the Duck's game. You were such a GOOD baby. So glad we'll get to see you again at Thanksgiving time.

Love you baby girl!!
Grandma Jan and Grandpa Ray