Saturday, April 19, 2008

Life is so rough

Most people who meet me think I sleep all the time. I slept through visiting Mommy's office, and Daddy's office, and through my first airport visit.
But, some things make me when I get cold during baths or diaper changes.

I also get feisty when I am asked to perform. For instance, I will only roll over when I want to.

Here Mommy asked for a kiss, but I decided to pull her hair instead.

If you haven't noticed, I do a lot of things with my hands. They must be moving at all times, and I can pinch, pull, and wrestle out of swaddling all with my hands. I can also do fun things like hold my own bottle. I am so advanced!

Today Mommy took me to a joint baby shower for four women at Jazzercise. Two women are still pregnant, and Mommy and another woman already had their babies.

This is me and my new friend Ally who is 8 weeks old. Ally was well behaved and slept through the entire baby shower. I did not. I cried really loud when I got hungry. Mommy fed me a bottle and then I did yucky business while a nice lady was holding me. Mommy wanted to show me off, and so I did all the things I know how to do! Nonetheless, everyone said I was very cute. They also said I was very little. I don't feel little. I am 8 and a half pounds now!


janray1935 said...

Oh, pretty baby, you are SO adorable. I think from your pictures you must have some of mommy and daddy. I can definitely see the resemblance to daddy's baby pictures, but I can also see mommy in that pretty face of yours. You are even beautiful when you are crying!!! You are looking so good and mommy and daddy are too! You sure lucked out having two such good looking parents : )

How wonderful of your O'Pa and others to fix up the old family rocking chair. It made me get tears in my eyes thinking how much love there is in that gift. Mommy and daddy will have many wonderful memories of rocking you as you grow up.

I'm beside myself with anticipation on being able to see you and hold you, my precious granddaughter.
Hugs, kisses and tons of love to you and mommy and daddy.

Gma Jan

dian said...

Miss M~ Aunite Dian misses you SOOOO much! Hugs and kisses to you my little puddin' pop!

~Auntie Dian~