Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Lions, Tigers, Ducks, Oh My

We had fun feeding the ducks last night at the park with our friends David and Sarah and their kids. Mommy and Daddy saved left over bread for over a year and it only took us 20 minutes to feed it to the masses of ducks and geese. I was really mad when Mommy would not let me eat the bread. What a tease!
Why do some Ducks wear green and yellow and run on a field while other Ducks have feathers and swim in a pond?
Weee. My first slide. We didn't go very fast though, because Daddy's shorts got stuck on the slide. Ouchies for him!

My first solo you see the future thrill ride junkie in me?

We had a stroller brigade at the zoo today...the funny thing is that most of the time the Mommies held the babies and pushed empty strollers. Mommy was introduced to the "Moby Wrap" which held me in nice and tight so I could actually see the animals rather than laying the stroller and looking at the sky.

My favorite were the animals that swam right up so you could see them up close (fish, sea otter, sea lions). Apparently there were also zebras, monkeys, giraffes, bears and other animals, but my distance vision was not so good today. I was too busy checking out the people at the zoo, not the animals!

Our friends are Kelly and baby Aoife, Rachael and baby Zaina, and Nadya who was a trooper, walking the zoo at 35 weeks pregnant!
Thanks for a fun day!


Kristy said...

hey! we went to the zoo on monday! did you see the baby elephant?!!!

Grandpa said...

Hi Maddie,

I left you a great big message and then the blog ate it, like you try to eat big people's food, so this is a test to make sure I can leave comments.


Grandpa said...

Ok Ms. Maddie,

I am going try and remember my long email to that got eaten by the blog. I am a first time blogger, do you know who I am. I was there when you were born. In fact I did a lot of video taping of your birth for your mom and dad. Pretty cool! I am the guy with the beard you like to pull and the glasses you like to take off. Ok smarty pants, I know you have already guessed that I am your grandpa. At least that is what I am called until you figure out a new name for me when you start talking. I now it will be something cute. You have been such a busy girl lately. I like the pictures of you at the zoo with your friends. Grandpa use to be the Human Resource Director at the zoo so he knows some of the animals you saw. Of course your grandpa, along with your Duck parents are so glad you were such a good luck charm for our UofO team. Maybe someday you will go to the U of O like your mommy and daddy. I know you have been watching alot of the convention speeches and we are all so glad you are an Obama Baby!! You were so cute on the news at the women and babies for Obama night with your mom. O-Baby, O-Bama!!! I visited you and your mom last night. Your mom was cooking you lots of food for when you can eat big peoples food. She has a lot stashed away for you. I helped with the peaches. Then we went out to dinner at the Macroni Grill. It was my first time too. The waitress really liked you. Mom accidentally got some Chioppino on your forehead. You so wanted to eat it and you looked so cute. Mom was trying out the new Mobi and it worked so well. You could see the whole facing outward and it was easy on your moms back. Your mom and I had a great meal, had some wine and a good conversation. You partipcated in our conversation. Such a grown up already. Then we went home and you napped in the car but you woke up when we got home. Of course you did because DADDY was home. He had a long drive from Madra where he was working. I got to read you a book, the Napping House." You are such a good listener and very interactive by trying to grap all of the pages. I hope reading about napping helped you sleep last night so your parents could get up on their sleep. They need a lot of sleep to keep up with you. Then your dad gave you your bottle. It was time for me to drive home to Jackson and Robyn but I gave you a kiss on the cheek before I left. You are so adorable. I told your mom I would be a regular commenter so I know she will read you what I write. I wish they had blogging when your mom was born. Boy would have a lot of stories to read about her adventures as a baby!!! Take care Maddie, we love you so much. Be good and I hope you are thinking up a good name for me. For now I am your Grandpa. Take care and lots of love and kisses for you.